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Who Inspires You? (for Caro)

Poetic Mornings

I remember it was on a day like this one – dreary, bleak, and wonderful. The rain started and stopped, but mostly fell steadily just past my fingertips against the front window. The kids were at school and I was supposed to be grading papers, but I couldn’t. My mind was stayed on one student – one Mr. E. Caro. Something was amiss with this young man. He was brighter than the rest – young, but an old soul. Always late to my class. Pretended to be in that group of guys in the back who didn’t care about anything but passing. But I saw something greater.

I was in graduate school and a Teaching Fellow position was offered me. I taught two different courses: Developmental Writing and Technical Writing. I took the position to help pay tuition. Caro was in my Technical Writing class.

It was about the 2nd…

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Love in the shades of rainbow

Literary Lemonades

A little attempt to sprinkle the shades of rainbow over my deepest emotions for him ❤

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Hope, you sit outside looking at me

Peering as if shyly through lashes

Not wanting me to know that you see

Looking back out the window at thee

Hope, there you are again so pretty

Shining, twirling and spinning around

Never do you show any pity

Crashing, spiraling down to the ground


Hope, why must you always come right back

Staring at me, I know you are there

I feel you, my heart wants to attack

Waiting for that fissure again here


Hope, I want to hate you, send you away

You snicker and come closer to me

The window to my soul has your sway

Ripping me to shreds again today?


Hope, so relentless and sweet, shall it be all mine?

With a mixture of bated breath and fear I wait

Each time I hear that one indeed it is divine

My heart sits suspended, while you decide its fate


Hope, how long do you think this time I have to wait?

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Bed Time Story

Chai & Biscuits

qtI had no clue where we were heading to. When she called me to meet, I didn’t expect her to begin our conversation with those words. I think when we fall in love in parts, we fall bit by bit, first we fall for the part we love, that magical moment and we wait for the other part, which is a gamble, always. Do You know why, because that is where we start seeking for the person we want to love (the expectation part that pops up) , in the other halves; and sometimes we fail miserably, to meet that expectation of ours, the ideal movie kind of love. So now to tackle my sweets without hurting her feelings, I was framing some questions. And I came up with this…

“Are we breaking-up?”

That question didn’t surprise my sweets either, because we think alike, that’s why we were (‘are’ – not…

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