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Transforming from, Transforming to. . .

The miracle of becoming YOU.



Hope, you sit outside looking at me

Peering as if shyly through lashes

Not wanting me to know that you see

Looking back out the window at thee

Hope, there you are again so pretty

Shining, twirling and spinning around

Never do you show any pity

Crashing, spiraling down to the ground


Hope, why must you always come right back

Staring at me, I know you are there

I feel you, my heart wants to attack

Waiting for that fissure again here


Hope, I want to hate you, send you away

You snicker and come closer to me

The window to my soul has your sway

Ripping me to shreds again today?


Hope, so relentless and sweet, shall it be all mine?

With a mixture of bated breath and fear I wait

Each time I hear that one indeed it is divine

My heart sits suspended, while you decide its fate


Hope, how long do you think this time I have to wait?

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Words Have Meaning-Use them Wisely — Lorelei’s Musings -Life, Love and Adventure

Thanks for joining me!

via Words Have Meaning-Use them Wisely — Lorelei’s Musings -Life, Love and Adventure


Keeping a tidy home!

Found this interesting, considering I am Autistic with Severe OCD and tend to want to clean and micro organize (understatement of the year).

Living with other people who are the complete POLAR OPPOSITES!!!!!!ARGHHHHH….

But, patience is a virtue right? Le sigh…

5 Things People with Tidy Homes Don’t Do

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