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June 29, 2018


Reality Check

by Yasmiera
Can you hear my cries? Can you hear my screams?
For me no highs, ruination of my dreams
You can’t hear me because you don’t want to 
This, you show me, in everything you do

Locked in your own little box
The one with self-imposed locks
You and all your picture perfect friends
Being the same in your own little trends

Never to look outside your life
The pain, the heartache and the strife
Your actions cause to many others
While their hopes and dreams you do smother

Hurting them with vicious words
Things like fatso, geek, dork, or nerd
You seem to forget they’re people too
Oh yeah-that’s right-they’re victims to you!

I ponder this while at home
Or sitting there all alone
Does it give you pleasure causing pain?
Or is it just a sadistic game?

Sometimes you pretend I’m not there,
Or you wish I wasn’t anywhere?
I think you don’t realize what you do
Perhaps you’re ignorant, without a clue?

Maybe it’s me or maybe it's not
The answer is not easily sought.
I wish you would open your eyes
And look at all the destroyed lives

Those you said were not wanted
YEAH! The ones that you taunted.
Just because they weren’t the same?
So that must mean to you they’re lame?

Please think about this one thing
Some wisdom to you this’ll bring
Unwanted people will never be gone
Remaining here from dusk ‘til dawn

Their feelings as fragile as yours, be warned
Are simply broken and easily torn
Guess you’ll never know how they feel
Unless...your joy, someone does steal

Keep this one thing in back of your mind
Even though right now you may be blind
What you say and do to others now
Will come back to you ten-fold and HOW!

Yasi & S.D.B.

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  1. Craig Brown
    Jun 29 2018

    Reading it again shows me what a powerful statement this is. Lots of people will identify with your words.

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  2. Jun 29 2018

    Thank you. When we wrote it originally or Hope was that this would hit home with the kids that were harassing her. it definitely made an impact not just on the kids because it caused a whole classroom full of Silence but it also cost the same effect on the teachers. 😎


  3. Jul 1 2018

    Bullying hits home, hard…. I wrote a novelette where bullying pushes a young boy to extreme action. I invite you to give it a read… It is available for digital download in .PDF format here

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  4. Jul 1 2018

    People will attempt to force you into a box, put a label on you because they are too closed minded to think outside their own box.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. 🙂

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    • Jul 1 2018

      People are all unique. The uniqueness is what makes life interesting. Part of it that I dislike is when it is mean and I find the rest too much of that in this world.
      I enjoy reading most of the blogs. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 😁

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  5. parikhitdutta
    Jul 2 2018

    I really wish everybody realises that each one of us is different and accept each other for who we are.

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    • Jul 3 2018

      In a perfect world this would happen. Alas, we are not in that world. But we can do our part by making sure that we do all we can to make sure people see that it is okay to be different and help those other people who are different embrace their own differences. The more we take a stand against bullying the better life is for those who are being bullied. And the more we embrace our own differences the less bullying will affect us.

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  6. parikhitdutta
    Jul 3 2018

    I absolutely agree with you. The ones who bully must realise that they are leaving behind a heart that is scarred for a long time to come. They have no idea that they are filling the bullied one with insecurities and fear. They must know what is one minute fun for them is infinitely terrifying to the other.

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    • Jul 3 2018

      Indeed what truly is happening for them is not fun, but covering up their own insecurities. It may appear on the outside that they are having fun. But on the inside they are likely more insecure than the one they are picking on. It does not make it right or make it better for the victim however. Just a sad fact. It has helped me to know that they truly are the pathetic ones and truly deep inside they are the ones that are hurting worse than I was. Only time and maturing was needed on my part to learn this. It didn’t change the fact that I wanted a magic wand so that I could “poof” them out of existence, or as I got a bit older and a little more morbid, a missile launcher on the side of my vehicle to blow them out of existence, but yeah I think you get the point.

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