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June 30, 2018


Arrogance…a dish best served with Autism?

by Yasmiera

Do you agree or disagree? You fill in your answer please leave me a comment. So… Arrogance, a dish best served with ………. and you would tell me what you think.

I would love to hear your opinions. I have heard many about autism and how we are viewed on this topic. I also understand that each of us is different.  I would love to hear from all of you. Leave me a comment let me know what you think it should be…..


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  1. Jul 1 2018

    I think arrogance is best served with silence. It’s easily weaponized, regardless of whether it’s justifiable. Therefore, I think it should remain confined to ones private thoughts when/if experienced. What do you think? 🙃

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    • Jul 1 2018

      I think if it is true arrogance you are correct. For True arrogance is selfish, and true selfishness can be harmful. There are those that are unable to understand these Concepts. And for those people that are unable to they are not reading this blog they would be those people that are unable to read. That is of whom I’m speaking otherwise if you’re able to read and you’re on here reading it then you’re able to understand what I am saying. So yes, aptly put.

      Problem is that many times people that have autism are viewed as arrogant when they speak of the topics that they so enjoy and know so much about because they have such single-minded interest in that topic. Not all those with autism are of single-minded interest in one topic. I have interest in a few topics but that interest goes very deep into those topics. However, I do know that myself as well as a few others come across as arrogant or stuck up at first sometimes but then when people get to know us they realize truly we are not indeed arrogant. We cannot always judge a book by it’s cover can we?

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  2. Craig Brown
    Jul 1 2018

    Arrogance can also be described as agressive confidence. Arrogance is a quality that is found in many of those with exceptional leadership qualities. The best of those serve their arrogance with restraint.

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    • Jul 1 2018

      Aggressive confidence that is an interesting term. Since I know you well I know what you mean by this. So if I were to be having surgery like brain surgery I want my surgeon to have aggressive confidence and go in there with that most definitely and get it out in fact I wish there was aggressive confidence for our friend last year that passed away on May 1st. And again aggressive confidence would be terrific in an attorney in our not so recent and upcoming future experience for a mutual acquaintance right? So with this in mind yes that would be terrific however in other cases aggressive would be a word I would not want to associate with it at all because it would scare the living heck out of me. Except of course in battle and I have not experienced that as many soldiers have. In battle you definitely want a strong leader who will take charge and I would imagine they know they are good at it and they may come across as arrogant or exceptionally confidence and definitely may come across as aggressive when they need to so it has its time and it has its place. But it definitely does not ever need to be mean and it does not ever need to be hurtful and I thinking that we can all agree. And I do believe that in all of those cases, it is not true arrogance in it’s derogatory form of which I speak.



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