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July 5, 2018

Help save a piece of History and my Best friends Home

by Yasmiera

Help Rehabilitate Coal-Era History

Garvey House Preservation Project

Built in 1916, the Garvey House, in Winona, West Virginia, is owned by Susana and Jon, who are in the process of restoring and preserving it as a vital piece of state and local history. Winona and other communities that lined the New River Gorge were coal-company boom towns, most of which were long ago consumed by the forest.

The Garvey House was built for coal-company superintendent Martin Garvey and his wife, both of who lived there through the 1950s. The house has been sinking on one side as its old hemlock beams have deteriorated, and we are in need of help replacing the wood and leveling the house. One entire wall and a bathroom need to be rebuilt. The home’s roof and exterior wood siding is also in need of repair and painting. This needs to be accomplished before November, as winters in the mountains are cold and snowy.

The property’s original gardens, featuring stairs and walls of hand-laid stones and two small ponds, are also in need of repair. Susana and Jon are seeking any donations and volunteers to help restore their home and preserve a piece of history. No amount is too small. Thank you for your help with this project!

To donate follow this link:

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