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July 6, 2018

Don’t stumble over something behind you

by Yasmiera


Facebook, at work, on the highway. Everywhere I look I am bombarded with pithy sayings. I think these are meant to be motivational and encourage me to live a better, more fulfilled life. As a New York curmudgeon, I often scoff at such pithy, supposedly insightful bits.  Ocassionally, however, one does manage to get through my New York skin and pierce either my heart, mind, or soul.


This week, I deeply felt this piece of advice that was on my Facebook feed “Don’t stumble over something behind you.”   The saing supposedly comes from Roman philosopher Seneca.  And, to me, this couldn’t be truer. There are many things we may feel that we have been wronged by in life. We all may continously face incredible challenges in our lives. However, we have to always keep moving forward. We can focus on the here and now and not stumble today…

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