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July 30, 2018


‘Being A Cat’ Challenge

by Yasmiera


A new challenge for this week: 30 july – 5 august. Have fun!
Inspired by MexiMinnesotana and her cat Willy 😁


There are 4 variants, choose any.

#1. Describe how the cat on the photo below sees the world.  kattenplaatjes1#2. Open any book you haven’t read yet on the page 8. Read the first sentence (above) on that page. Write a flash, poem or story. 

In my case it will be the book of Anthony Doerr ‘All the light we cannot see’, page 8.
Phrase ->‘still have bumblebees carved into the oak; the ivy-covered fountain in the courtyard is shaped like a hive.’
IMG_3590#3. Write the letter (or short note) from the cat. The letter starts with the words: ‘I’m telling you this because you are the only one who won’t judge me…’

#4. Post a photo of your own cat with the story behind…

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  1. Jul 30 2018

    Thank you for sharing 😀🕺🕺

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  2. Craig Brown
    Jul 30 2018

    It looks thought provoking. I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Craig Brown
    Jul 31 2018

    Well, manical laughter skeers me.

    Liked by 1 person


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