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My view – no not politics YaY

It takes you so many places, you can’t control where it takes you. It is a Journey that you can view in one of two ways.

Opportunity awaits and make the most of each situation you are given even when the situation is grim, you learn everything you can from it and keep the best attitude you can. Don’t be bitter and always lend a helping hand.


Get to the end and be done – my eternal rest awaits, I’m in pain and I’m tired and want to be done.

I am not fond of this one because I believe I must have purpose every day that I can get out of bed I must have purpose. And every day I am not out of bed I have set up this computer so that when I am able to type of be awake enough to be able to use “talk-to-text” capabilities accurately enough to edit then I do that. I must have some purpose and be able to affect some small change, cause some small inspiration, thought change or pattern change for someone, help someone get out of that funk they have been in.

I am a creator, a doer and a maker, this is what I choose to do with mine.

I am given one thing that everyone is given.


Choose to act, not react to that journey that life has taken you on this far. Let your burdens go.

Choose to act and not react to that journey or road you are traversing now, whether it is bumpy, in a chasm or up high on a mountain top with beautiful views or treacherous icy covered roads, take control and act, DO NOT REACT.

Take the time to think through your decisions and also think carefully through each and every word you are going to use before you use them.

WORDS, they last a lifetime. You can heal from broken bones, cuts and bruises, but it can take a lifetime to heal from the emotional scars of hurtful words.

I remind myself daily that hope is okay to have and to feel emotions is okay, its how I react to them that matters so I carefully consider what I say and what I do before I do them so that I do not unintentionally hurt those I hold dear to me. Or those that one day I may hold dear, you never know who you may meet in your life and who one day may be that special someone to you, so smile more each day and try to say hi to the person across the isle from your that you see and meant to but never did. They probably could use that smile as much as you can.

SMILING: It’s contagious.


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  1. Craig Brown
    Jun 30 2018

    Wow,direct and funny. Just what I would expect.

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    • Jun 30 2018

      But of course, the only neurotypical I communicate with is my cat (I don’t really consider her neurotypical) that’s why I talked to her & she’s not non-human (in my book anyway) she’s more human than anybody else I know, she likes to listen to me & she replies, it’s great! I can’t really understand what she says, but at least she says stuff. J/K (aka just kidding) There are some neurotypicals out there who are pretty cool. (I’ve met a few & I’m friends with a few I think anyway). They don’t communicate well or (wait…My therapist mentioned something about this…..hmmm ….maybe I don’t)so maybe I don’t know where we stand but last I checked we were friends). Remember I’m working on the communication thing, FILL ME IN?


  2. parikhitdutta
    Jul 2 2018

    It did feel like I was diving into my own thoughts and seeing them penned (typed) here. I was reading your posts and kept nodding in agreement. Looking forward to read more from you.

    And thank you for chancing upon my blog and following me.

    Best wishes.

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    • Jul 3 2018

      It is nice to know that one is not alone in this world. I too have found this feeling as I have read many blogs. I am glad that you have my blog. I will take time to read some of yours as well. I have been traveling most of yesterday and today. Tomorrow I will be able to sit down and spend time reading many posts from my followers and those I follow. I am looking forward to this immensely.

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      • parikhitdutta
        Jul 3 2018

        Absolutely. A fellow feeling 🙂

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  3. I am so glad I found your blog; great post

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