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July 30, 2018


Are we ever gonna make the world a better place

by Yasmiera

UmfanaKaGogo Writes

Women against men, vice versa,

Heterosexuals against homosexuals

Whites against blacks vice versa

Ordinary people against politicians

Rich against the poor

Its like the world is in constant search of excuses to prolong the on going battles,

Wars varying from economic, political, social, sexual etc.

You’ll swear this earth is fuelled in blood,

Thrives in chaos

And find purpose to keep spinning through preposterous back and forths where neither is winning.

Thus what brings me to this question

Are we ever gonna make the world a better place?

What do you think?… leave a comment

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  1. Jul 30 2018

    Dear friend,

    When we follow the words of Gandhi: “If you wish to see a change in the world, be the change…” – that means we have to start with ourselves to become a better person as we are now that we do not find mistakes in others anymore that we find the good things in others, that we become aware of our own shortcoming and weed them out one by one. If many take a responsibility like that, if we develop more respect among each other, if we understand that we are all one, no matter which outer label we belong to, then an avalanche can be triggered and we may see a turn to the better in the world. The root of good and bad lies in us…

    Thanks for sharing, my friend
    Have a great day

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