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July 30, 2018

Till death do us apart

by Yasmiera

UmfanaKaGogo Writes

I want this to work
but we keep hitting walls
Cracked skulls,
Conundrum migraines
Hate and disdain
We keep dragging each other on a floor of nails.

Blood Splattered floors
Punched dented walls
Shuttered wine glasses
Disfigured property
Missing teeth
plastic knives
Fuck we’ve been to the ER more than we’ve seen each other naked.

Till death do us part
The pastor initiated the war
We started this with a cake
And we will end it with one’s head up a spike
Priest and Hannibal on speed dial
Father l confess
I crave a glass of a life of one l once loved

We can’t walk away on bleeding stumped feet
We can’t love with axed chests
Nor smile with empty gums
Neither make sense out of skewed reason
Let’s agree to disagree,
Tie a rope around my neck
And tie one around yours
Simultaneously we jump out of our…

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